Community Energy, the book

In 2014, on the back of the knowledge I’d built up over the years from my work with Fintry Development Trust, I started writing Community Energy, A Guide for Community-Based Renewable Energy Projects for the publisher Green Books. I originally estimated it would take around six months to write. It actually took closer to two years. The book is published in September 2017 by Green Books.

The book can be ordered directly from the publisher, Green Books, from Amazon and from other booksellers who pay their taxes.

Some of the nice things people have said about the book –

“An excellent overview of everything you need to know about community energy; from the technologies, to the legislation, the financing and the community organising. With excellent examples, from a number of countries, it sets out what can be done, how to avoid the pitfalls, and just how big the benefits can be. It’s a truly invaluable resource.”
Craig Bennett, CEO, Friends of the Earth

“Community energy has huge potential to help the UK meet our energy and climate objectives, whilst making society fairer and more democratic. This book is a boost to our movement.”
Rt Hon Sir Edward Davey, Former Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change

“Scotland’s transition to renewable energy is an opportunity to transform the ownership of our energy too. It’s great to see communities taking charge of meeting their own needs, deciding how to change the way they use energy, and letting them reap the benefits.”
Patrick Harvie, Member of the Scottish Parliament and Co-convener of the Scottish Green Party